About Billy's Wood Works 

Billy’s Wood Works was started in October, 2008 after Billy Geddings decided to take his handmade wood trays and bowls to some Art and Craft Shows. As a boy growing up in Paxville, South Carolina, Billy enjoyed making things especially out of wood. In the mid-1970s, he started working with tupelo wood and making trays with the help of a dentist friend, Dr. L.A. Robinson.

Each tray or bowl is handmade from a solid block of wood with the use of a chainsaw, hammer and chisel, side grinder and sander. Billy uses Butcher Block oil and finish which is safe for food contact. He hand rubs 6 to 8 coats to obtain a gloss finish that allows for easy clean up in hot, soapy water with a scrubbing pad as used on Teflon pots.

He is probably best known for making trays in the shape of the state of South Carolina and burning in the palmetto tree and crescent Carolina moon. He can make a tray in the shape of any other state requested having already made orders for the states of North Carolina, Georgia, and West Virginia. He is making replicas of the old dough bowls or round biscuit bowls. His trays are perfect to use at cookouts for steaks or hamburgers or even displaying fruit or magazines. His “hog trough” is ideal for a seafood boil. His trays have been given as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, and for other special occasions. Each item is numbered and signed.

The prices range from $65.00 to $700.00 and are determined by the size and time to complete. You may order trays or bowls with your preference burned into the wood.